View towards Hengistbury Head at Dawn

I decided to get up and go for an early morning stroll over to Hengistbury Head one Saturday morning.

The feeling I get when I see the sun coming up over the horizon is so amazing, a deep sense of calm and possibility. The damp, crisp feel in the air feels like autumn is trying to push its way through.

The water in Christchurch Harbour is still and clear and a slash of blue that cuts through the burnished tones of the sunrise. The closer I get to the river the louder the noise from the birds in the harbour. The tide is out and it is time to feast. A mix of gulls, waders, ducks and egrets getting their fill before the tide returns.

Two egrets make a break from the rabble and head down an inlet for some peace and a chance for breakfast without having to fight for it.

Little Egrets

The sun is now up and the lightening sky brings out the visitors, the pathways get busier as I head back and the air is filled with bird song.

A great way to start the day.

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