Welcome to the events page.

I only have a few events listed at the moment, but these shall be added to with more walks, talks and workshops to help you discover, learn and connect with the nature around you.

If you would prefer a one-to-one walk, please do get in touch.

Connecting with Nature
Research has shown that connecting with nature has a beneficial effect on wellbeing. This isn’t just being out in nature but truly connecting by using the 5 steps to wellbeing. These walks will help you to connect by explaining the 5 steps and suggestions of how you can use this in your day to day life.

hengistbury head lake

Intro to Nature Walks
These walks range from 60-90mins, depending on location and subject. They are designed to get you out and about in your local area to see what wildlife shares your space and also to meet up with like minded people.

Studland Sand Dunes

Studland’s Sand Dunes – Join me on a 90min walk around the amazing setting of the Studland Sand Dunes. Find out what wildlife thrives in this unique ecosystem. £12.50



Heron River Stour Tuckton

River/Hedgerow – A shorter 60 min walk from Tuckton along part of the Stour Valley Way. We hope to see the regular ducks and swans but also keep an eye and ear out for woodland birds such as the Great Spotted Woodpecker and the gardener’s friend, the robin. £10


Hengistbury Head River StourEstuary/Coastal – Join me for a 90 min walk along the River Stour to Hengistbury Head. Finding out about the birds, trees and other wildlife that live in this diverse ecosystem. £12.50




Walks & Talks
These walks and talks will focus on a smaller more specific type of wildlife, such as bats or butterflies.


Brimstone ButterflyButterflies



Wild Flowers Southbourne

Wild Flowers




Gardening for Wildlife

Nature Journaling

Gardening for Bees & Butterflies

Gardening for Bats

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